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Homeopathy and Home Dental Care - How to Avoid Most Trips to the Dentist (Health at Home)

How to Avoid Most Trips to the Dentist (Health at Home)

Let’s face it – despite all the advances of modern dentistry, a trip to the dentist is one we would all rather avoid if possible. And it is possible. This book is intended to give you the knowledge you need to take care of your teeth and gums properly and also to use natural and homeopathic remedies should you still experience an oral health issue.

Between good oral hygiene and safe and effective homeopathic and other natural remedies, you can solve most of the issues people tend to go to the dentist for. You will not only gain peace of mind, but save yourself a lot of money in the bargain. And this is not rocket science, but just a lot of common sense and simple first-aid.

It is strange that they call it common sense, as it seems to be anything but common. What you will learn here is not taught to dentists at dental school, yet comes from dentists themselves, and it goes against most of what you have been told about dental health from so-called dental health experts. Maybe it is called common sense because it is the sense that you don’t find with so-called experts!

In this book you will learn some surprising things about teeth

✓ Teeth are alive and constantly adding and losing minerals.
✓ Tiny cavities are a natural part of this dynamic process.
✓ Your teeth will stay healthy and your cavities naturally small with proper diet and tooth care.

You will also learn some surprising things about looking after your teeth properly such as

✓ Traditional brushing and flossing do little for dental health.
✓ Simple things at home like salt and baking soda make the best toothpastes.
✓ Most toothpastes, even natural ones, contain a substance that blocks healthy tooth re-mineralization.

You will further learn what your teeth and gums need to stay healthy, things that you can easily do for yourself, such as

✓ Eating the right kind of diet for healthy teeth and gums.
✓ Taking the right kind of supplements to promote strong tooth enamel.
✓ What not to do to avoid harming your teeth.

And finally, you will also learn how to use homeopathic remedies

✓ To promote proper tooth mineralization for strong tooth enamel.
✓ To treat tooth abscesses to avoid root canals in most cases.
✓ To offset the negative effects of any dental surgery that you might still need.

This book is designed to help you take dental health measures at home that are non-toxic, safe and effective, and even to handle many dental emergencies at home.

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